Academic papers from ZEHTC published

The academic partners in the project, University of Bologna and Chalmers University of Tehcnology, published have scientific papers on Hydrogen and the pilot plant in Finspang, Sweden.

The University of Bologna has published the paper: “Optimal Design of Renewable Hydrogen Production for Gas Turbine Test Facilities”. The aim of the paper is the development of a design calculation model for the ZEHTC pilot plant, consisting in the first gas turbine test facility making use of the power produced during tests — along with renewables — for hydrogen production, integrated with batteries. You can get the full paper here.

Chalmer University of Technology has also published a paper: “Exploring the competitiveness of hydrogen-fueled gas turbines in future energy systems”. In this paper, a techno-economic optimization model is used to evaluate the competitiveness of time-shifting of electricity generation using electrolyzers, hydrogen storage and gas turbines fueled with hydrogen as part of the transition from the current electricity system to future electricity systems in years 2030, 2040 and 2050. The model incorporates an emissions cap to ensure a gradual decline in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, targeting near-zero carbondioxide emissions by year 2050, and this includes 15 European countries. Hydrogen is currently receiving attention as a possible cross-sectoral energy carrier with the potential to enable emission reductions in several sectors, including hard-to-abate sectors. You can get the full paper here.