Aiming for the goal!

Consortium partners at the demostration site

The project is in its last year and we are ramping up the efforts in order to reach the set project goals within a year. The consortium meet in May for the first time since the project kick off in order to plan the activites for the last year. The testing of the pilot facility is progressing as planned and the research conducted by Bologna and Chalmers Universities is also progressing. The communication activities for the remaining part of the project has been planned and the consortium are aiming to participate at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam in May 2023, make sure to be there to!

Study visit to demonstration site and Agenda 2030

Two persons building a turbine

In June a delegation containing public organisations, business and NGO:s from Latvia and Estonia visited the ZEHTC demonstration site in Finspang to learn more about the project and also how it connects to the Sustainable Development Global goals set by the United Nations. Conclusions from this visit was that even though we are from different countries and types of organizations, the benefits and challenges in sustainability work are largely the same. In addition, the sustainability work has positive organisational effects for the businesses that work actively with Agenda 2030.