Dialogue meeting regarding hydrogen´s possibilities and future visions

Picture from the meeting

At the beginning of December, the municipality of Finspång invited to a dialogue meeting focusing on the possibilities of hydrogen gas and its role in the transition to a fossil-free society. A day that offered interesting lectures and many good questions from the visitors.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier that makes it possible to store energy in a new way. This was discussed and demonstrated by Björn Aronsson from Hyrdogen Sweden during his talk at the dialogue meeting. He demonstrated how it works in practice to charge a "hydrogen battery" and talked, among other things, about how hydrogen can make it possible to store energy - partly in industry, partly how, for example, wind turbines, hydropower and nuclear power could store energy and run on all hours of the day thanks to hydrogen.

Björn also talked about the possibility that hydrogen gas could become part of the transport solution in the EU - which vehicles could be suitable for hydrogen and how hydrogen gas stations could become relevant in Sweden.
During the dialogue meeting's second talk, Johan Leirnes and Markus Jöcker, from Siemens Energy, talked about their gas turbines and how to now test drive them to be able to reach 100 percent hydrogen-powered gas turbines – a high goal, which they look forward to reaching.