Update on hydrogen and its development

People listening to moderator presenting at the conference HFC Nordic

For two days we attended the HFC Nordic conference in Copenhagen and got updated on what is happening with hydrogen and its development. Very exciting and interesting to hear about all the good examples of companies and organizations that dare to take the step and be at the forefront of development. For example, a Norwegian food company that installed hydrogen operation on its trucks just to be able to run them with renewables.

The Energy Agency participated in the conference and presented, among other things, where they see the hydrogen gas will be used the most, the three biggest areas according to them are the industrial, energy and transport sectors. Finding cooperation, business solutions and synergies between different sectors is necessary for hydrogen and other renewable fuels to be used to a greater extent.

Hydrogen Sweden presented a little of what is happening in the country, i.a. new fuel stations, industry conversion to hydrogen and companies working with technical solutions in the area. We can conclude that it is essential to have a system perspective when you implement and develop hydrogen in our future energy system.