Status conference: Success Stories by JPP SES Projects

Backgroun image with ERA-Net logo and vivew from a airplane

On the 19th of October the consortium had a breakout session in the conference arranged by ERA-Net. The interactive webinar introduced the audience to the project which is in its final year. The webinar focused on key conclusions from a technical, academic and governance perspective. This includes the unique demonstrator plant at Siemens Energy gas turbine test-facility developed in the project. It shows a microgrid operation combining hydrogen and solar power with turbine power and batteries. Further, university partners shared their research on hydrogen and energy systems in the project. Other partners in the project also contributed with their conclusions on how hydrogen and a demonstration plant benefit the regional and local climate mitigation work. If you want to see the presentation from the webinar you can find it below. The project was also presented as a success story. You can find this part of the conference through this link: