Status conference: Success Stories by JPP SES Projects

Backgroun image with ERA-Net logo and vivew from a airplane

On the 19th of October the consortium had a breakout session in the conference arranged by ERA-Net. The interactive webinar introduced the audience to the project which is in its final year. The webinar focused on key conclusions from a technical, academic and governance perspective. This includes the unique demonstrator plant at Siemens Energy gas […]

New scientific results from the project

Simon Ödberg and picture of the demo plant

In our latest peer-reviewed article, we investigate the value of flexible fuel mixing in hydrogen compatible gas turbines. The results show that a complementary fuel allows the gas turbine to operate also during hours when hydrogen is not available or too costly, and thus that the annualized investment cost can be recovered also during hours […]

ZEHTC in media!

The interest on hydrogen and its potential is growing which is also reflected in media. After a press conference Karim Amin at Siemens Energy has been interviewed in to international magazines: Power Engineering international and Energy voice. You can read the full articles at the respective magazines websites. Power Engineering international. Energy voice.

Join our session at ERA-Nets conference!

The ZEHTC facility at Siemens Energy in Finspang

On the 19th of October ZEHTC will have a break out session during the conference hosted by ERA Net: Joint programming conference smart energy systems 2022. Take part of the session and learn more about the project and the latest research in the field of hydrogen and energy systems. The conditions for reliable energy systems […]

Aiming for the goal!

Consortium partners at the demostration site

The project is in its last year and we are ramping up the efforts in order to reach the set project goals within a year. The consortium meet in May for the first time since the project kick off in order to plan the activites for the last year. The testing of the pilot facility […]

Presenting scientific results from the project

Simon Ödberg and picture of the demo plant

The research results within the project are now beginning to be disseminated, nationally and internationally. Simon Öberg, who is a doctoral student at Chalmers University of Technology, has now been researching the role of hydrogen in the European energy system for more than 2.5 years and will present his licentiate thesis, Hydrogen in the European […]

The first use of locally produced hydrogen in a gas turbine test !

The ZEHTC facility at Siemens Energy in Finspang

In late December 2021, the project reached a milestone and successfully put the T in the ZEHTC through connecting a gas turbine to the Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center at the turbine manufacturing plant in Sweden. This means that the project is now ready to safely use the hydrogen produced onsite in the regular machine […]

Academic papers from ZEHTC published

The academic partners in the project, University of Bologna and Chalmers University of Tehcnology, published have scientific papers on Hydrogen and the pilot plant in Finspang, Sweden. The University of Bologna has published the paper: “Optimal Design of Renewable Hydrogen Production for Gas Turbine Test Facilities”. The aim of the paper is the development of […]

A milestone reached – hydrogen production

After intensive work a milestone was reached in the project last week, the production of hydrogen was started. The next step is to search for a good turbine to burn the hydrogen in. In meanwhile we trim and learn the system for stable operation. This is one step closer to demonstrate a microgrid solution combining […]

Starting up the batteries with the sun!

Installed solar panels in Finspang

The solar park (PV) design and installation of a stationary battery system is coming together piece by piece. The latest piece is the solar parks battery. The company STELLA is the sub-contractor for this part. The partnership with STELLA gives access to renewable energy production, energy storage expertise and system integration of the world’s leading […]